How Long are PlayStation Now Games

With a catalog of 850 games, PS Now has something for everyone. With so many choices, an increasingly important factor for choosing the next game to play is game length. If you’re a gamer with limited time to play, you might be more interested in games that take a few hours to complete. On the other hand, given current circumstances, you might be looking for something more substantial to lose yourself in.

PS Now Guide now includes the game length for each title, so you can see how much time you’ll need to invest before you choose to download or stream it. Game lengths are taken from HowLongToBeat and use the “Main + Extras” time, which represents the time to complete the main story and do additional side quests or other content.

You can also filter games by game length and use this as the starting point for finding your next game to play:

PS Now Game Length Breakdown

So, how does the PlayStation Now catalog break down in terms of game length? Well, if the real world is placing too many demands on your time, you’re in luck as 21% of games are under 6 hours to complete. In fact, 377 games (45%) are 10 or fewer hours in length. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a game that will last you for the next few months, almost 70 games (7%) are over 50 hours long.

It’s worth noting that nearly 100 games on PS Now either don’t have any or enough play-through times to assign a game length. However, these tend to be the least popular games on the service.

And if you’re wondering what’s the shortest game on PlayStation Now, that accolade goes to .detuned, which clocks in at a mere 30 minutes to complete. To be fair, it’s more of an interactive experience than a game, albeit a really weird one. Other super-short games are mainly old arcade ports, such as Altered Beast, Golden Axe, and Dragon’s Lair II, which all take about an hour to finish.

On the other end of the scale, the longest PS Now game is The Elder Scrolls Online, which takes an average of 136 hours to complete. It’s closely followed by Record of Agarest War, which clocks in at a slightly more modest 134 hours.

Are Games Getting Longer?

To explore this often-asked question, the chart below shows the percentage of PS3 and PS4 games grouped by game length. So, for example, 24.6% of PS3 games are 1-5 hours long.

Looking at the data, we can see that the PlayStation 3 has a higher percentage of shorter games on PS Now (81% of the PS3 catalog is 20 hours or less compared to 70% of PS4 games). However, PlayStation 4 has a higher proportion of longer titles, with 30% of PS4 games being over 20 hours in length compared to only 19% of PS3 games.