PlayStation Now new games for September: Killing Floor 2, Final Fantasy VII, Windbound

PS Now’s selection of games for September includes a relentless horde shooter, perhaps the most famous Final Fantasy game, remastered for the PS4, a fantasy survival adventure, an isometric CRPG, and an indie rogue-lite where you play as an adventurer come shopkeeper.

Killing Floor 2

In Killing Floor 2 players descend into continental Europe where the outbreak caused by Horzine Biotech’s failed experiment has quickly spread and gained unstoppable momentum, essentially paralyzing the European Union. View Killing Floor 2 game details.

Final Fantasy VII

Cloud, a former member of Shinra’s military organization, SOLDIER, joins the anti-Shinra resistance group AVALANCHE, despite caring little for their motives. During one of the group’s attempts to stop the company, they learn of the return of Sephiroth, Cloud’s nemesis, and that with his reemergence, the planet is in greater danger than anyone had expected. View Final Fantasy VII game details.


Embark on a personal journey and discover the history of the idyllic forbidden islands; each holding the key to a mystery and unexpected revelations. Head towards the horizon, advancing across the islands, each with their own wildlife, landscapes and challenges to face. View Windbound game details.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Definitive Edition

Pathfinder: Kingmaker is the first single-player isometric CRPG set in the world of a top-selling D&D type role-playing game. Being a tribute to such classics as Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights, it brings back memories of beloved gameplay mechanics and embarks the player on a hand-crafted, story-driven adventure. View Pathfinder: Kingmaker game details.


Moonlighter is an Action RPG with rogue-lite elements following the everyday routines of Will, an adventurous shopkeeper that dreams of becoming a hero. During a long-passed archaeological excavation, a set of Gates were discovered. People quickly realized that these ancient passages lead to different realms and dimensions – providing brave and reckless adventurers with treasures beyond measure. View Moonlighter game details.