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Anodyne is a 16-bit action-adventure set in the haunting, subconscious mind of Young. Cross natural, urban and abstract environments, sweep away Young’s demons, defeat enemies and rescue the Legendary Briar from the Evil Darkness.

Anodyne takes place in the haunting, vibrant subconscious mind of the game’s protagonist, Young. You are tasked with navigating the various natural, urban and abstract environments within Young’s innermost self to help sweep away demons, defeat enemies and solve Young’s personal puzzles with your only weapon, a trusty broom! Clear out the dungeons, meander through Young’s own mind, and collect cards to advance further into the game as Young grows in confidence and ability. Rescue the Legendary Briar from the Evil Darkness.

Anodyne harks back to classic 16-bit action-adventure games, while creating its own unique feel. It incorporates a large overworld with many quirky, challenging dungeons filled with a variety of unusual enemies. This is overlaid with an unsettling musical score, which adds to the feel of an uneasy, dreamlike experience.




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