Dark Cloud

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True RPG action with real-time strategy deliver a completely new gaming experience and raise the bar for role-playing adventure games in this next generation. Set in a vivid and inviting world, Dark Cloud delivers imaginative, vibrant, and detailed gameplay complemented by a strong character-driven storyline. An innovative new feature, Georama, challenges you to build a customized world then interact with it in real time. As you build the world, life begins to flourish and unveils clues and pieces of the storyline as you progress through the adventure.

Our tale unfolds across two great continents, one an advanced civilization driven by progress and computer technology, the other a place where nature prevails and where mankind and spirits live harmoniously side by side. These two cultures have never had contact with each other…until now. An ancient evil has been unleashed. This Dark Cloud rains destruction on what was once a peaceful and benevolent continent, bringing it to its knees in one fell swoop! Journey on a quest through time to unravel the mysterious tale of the Dark Cloud.





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