Toy Home


Toy Home is an exciting toy car racing game where your house becomes the racetrack. Weave between other toys strewn across a bedroom floor, hurtle across kitchen tables, dodge toy soldiers and zoom along model railway tracks in moonlit playrooms. The aim of the game is to collect coins, discover hidden medals and hit every checkpoint before the time runs out – and there are bonus points available for every jump, smash and flip you make.

Toy Home is manic, miniature racing fun! Miniature Racing Action – 4 racing modes, including split-screen offline multiplayer and online battle modes, and 8 unique courses. SIXAXIS Wireless controller – Tilt the controller left or right to steer, perform back flips in the air, or master cornering. Global Online Ranking – Play for your personal best in Ranking Mode and challenge the high scores on the online leaderboard.




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