Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Life is Strange: Before the Storm

201711.5 hours4.76 GB

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a prequel to the original Life is Strange game. It is a narrative-driven game that follows the story of Chloe Price, a teenager who forms an unlikely friendship with a girl named Rachel Amber. The game takes place three years before the events of the first game and explores Chloe’s life before she met Max.

The game’s story is divided into three episodes, each one taking place over the course of a week in the game world. Each episode explores a different aspect of Chloe and Rachel’s friendship, and builds towards the final outcome. The story is heavily focused on the characters and their relationships, and it explores themes of friendship, family, and loss.

Gameplay is focused on exploration, puzzle-solving, and conversation. Players explore the town of Arcadia Bay, interacting with the environment and the characters. They also have to solve puzzles in order to progress the story. The puzzles are not overly challenging and are often integrated into the story and the world.

The game also features a unique mechanic called “Backtalk”, where the player can use Chloe’s quick wit and sarcasm to gain an advantage in conversations and interactions. The player can use this mechanic to persuade characters and get out of tricky situations.

The setting of the game is the same as the first game, a small town, Arcadia Bay, which is a mix of small-town charm and eerie secrets. The game world is richly detailed and the player can explore many different locations in the town, each one with its own unique atmosphere. The game is set in the present day, but it also includes elements of science fiction and fantasy.




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