Life Is Strange: True Colors

Life Is Strange: True Colors

202112 hours12.56 GB

Life Is Strange: True Colors is an adventure game that follows Alex Chen, a young woman with the power of Empathy. She can sense and manipulate the emotions of others, which are represented by colorful auras. The game is set in Haven Springs, a small town where Alex reunites with her brother Gabe after eight years of separation. However, when Gabe dies in a mysterious accident, Alex sets out to uncover the truth behind his death and the secrets of the town.

The game is played from a third-person perspective and features a dialogue system that allows the player to choose how Alex interacts with other characters. The player can also explore different locations and find collectibles that reveal more about the story and characters. The game’s main mechanic is Alex’s Empathy power, which lets her see other people’s emotions as colored auras. She can also interact with these emotions by either calming them down or amplifying them, depending on the situation. The player’s choices and actions affect how Alex develops relationships with other characters and how the story unfolds.

The game has a diverse cast of characters that Alex can befriend or romance, such as Ryan Lucan, a park ranger who helps Alex investigate Gabe’s death; Steph Gingrich, a music store owner and former friend of Gabe; Charlotte Harmon, an artist and Gabe’s girlfriend; Eleanor Laith, an elderly florist who suffers from dementia; Mack Louden, a miner who blames himself for Gabe’s death; Riley Laith, Eleanor’s granddaughter who wants to leave Haven Springs; Jed Lucan, Ryan’s father and owner of the Black Lantern bar; Ethan Ward, Charlotte’s son who loves comic books and fantasy stories.

The game has high-quality graphics and sound that create an immersive atmosphere for the player. The game uses Unreal Engine 4 to render realistic environments and character models. The game also features licensed music from various artists such as Radiohead, Phoebe Bridgers, Kings of Leon, and Gabrielle Aplin. The game also has original songs composed by Angus & Julia Stone and mxmtoon who also voices Alex.

Life Is Strange: True Colors is an engaging and emotional game that explores themes such as grief, identity, family, friendship, love, and justice. The game has received positive reviews from critics and players alike for its compelling story, relatable characters, and impactful choices. Some of the drawbacks of the game are its linear gameplay, predictable plot twists, and technical issues such as bugs and glitches.
Overall, Life Is Strange: True Colors is a worthy addition to the Life Is Strange franchise and a memorable experience for fans of narrative-driven games.




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